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Zeek Rewards : Zeek’s New All-Inclusive Annual Package…Defined

Zeek’s New All-Inclusive Annual Package…Defined

Hello Fine People.  It has come to my attention that there needs to be a little more explanation and clarification on the all-inclusive package.
  1. Thus far what the package includes is the entire video marketing system (which is the only company approved video marketing system) coupled with the MLMVT compliance course.
  2. Non-US Residents (who are not marketing to US Residents) are not currently required by the company to take the compliance course due to the course only being available in English.  It is highly recommended that all Zeek affiliates take the course as it is a fantastic education however if you are not marketing to or in the United States, then it is not mandatory for you to pass the course.
  3. The video marketing system (which up until now cost $5 for first month and $15/month or $170/year) contains:  One Penny Billionaire, You Get Paid to Advertise, The Dog Gone Truth, Got 20 Seconds AND Spin the Wheel.  It is about to include 2 MORE new Zeek videos that are being launched this week at RCW as well as a host of other new materials that are being developed to support your marketing efforts.
Zeek is totally committed to supporting all of it’s affiliates in every way possible and this all-inclusive package was negotiated and launched for the strength, stability and compliant marketing efforts of all affiliates worldwide.  It’s intention is to give everyone that enters Zeek the company approved tools they need to market their business (with a 400%-600% higher conversion rate than simply sending people to the sites themselves) and to be sure that all affiliates worldwide do so in compliance with the corporate message in tact.  The fees associated with the package are there to cover the costs of licensing, creative and bandwidth usage.
Zeek’s compliance team works around the clock to control and remove non-compliant content off the web and it was our earnest desire to empower each and every one of you with affordable tools that have a strong history of success at less than 20% of the annual cost – while protecting all affiliates and the company from the risks associated with unapproved, non-compliant, independent content.
As with all things Zeek…this package is new and therefore in it’s beta phase (which therefore means it’s a work-in-progress and your feedback is always welcome).  Thanks for your ongoing support and input.  Keep the feedback and suggestions coming…they are appreciated as always!!

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